Elevate Your Valet Services by Partnering with Valetdesk

Partnering with Valetdesk can lead to accelerated business growth for you and us. It’s a win-win!

Become A Partner

Benefits for Partners

  • Valet Operators

    Valet operators partnering with ValetDesk gain unparalleled coverage, strategically deploying valet drivers where it matters most. Our focus on valet management ensures your services reach a broader audience, creating a symbiotic relationship that enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Technology Partners

    For technology partners, ValetDesk opens doors to a dynamic marketplace. We welcome parking management hardware companies to leverage our platform, facilitating the seamless sale of innovative products such as CCTV systems for parking lots, entry/exit gates, and more. Join us in transforming the parking landscape through cutting-edge technology and collaborative success.



Connect is our annual partner conference hosted to empower Valetdesk Partners and celebrate their journey with us. It serves as a knowledge-sharing platform between our global partners, industry leaders, and Our experts.