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Tech Enabled TicketingApp-Less paymentsReal Time Vehicle TrackingValet Task ManagerParking Lot ManagementEasy Tech Integrations via API’sIn-Platform AdvertisingLoyalty & Engagement Platform Integration

Tech Enabled Ticketing

Our cutting-edge ticketing system ensures efficient entry and exit from parking facilities. Say goodbye to manual ticketing headaches as our technology streamlines the process, making it quicker and hassle-free.

App-Less payments

For parking fees: Simplify payments with our app-less option. Paying for parking fees is as easy as a few taps on your phone

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Keep tabs on your vehicle with precision using our real-time tracking feature. You'll have peace of mind knowing the exact location of your car at all times, enhancing security and convenience.

Valet Task Manager

Our valet task manager ensures valet services are orchestrated flawlessly. From vehicle handovers to retrievals, our system streamlines the process, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Parking Lot Management

We offer comprehensive parking lot management solutions, optimizing space allocation, traffic flow, and ensuring a smooth parking experience for both businesses and patrons.

Easy Tech Integrations via API’s

Seamlessly integrate our technology into your existing systems with our user-friendly APIs. We make it easy for you to adapt and benefit from our solutions.

In-Platform Advertising

Unlock additional revenue streams with in-platform advertising opportunities. Promote businesses and services directly through our platform, maximizing your marketing reach.

Loyalty & Engagement Platform Integration

Enhance customer loyalty and engagement with integrated platforms. Reward your patrons for their loyalty, keeping them coming back for a superior parking experience.


Problems with the existing system

  • Inefficient Operational Handling

    No Record Keeping

    Improper Space Utilization

    No Controlled Access

  • Poor Customer Experience

    No Tracking

    High Wait-Times

    No Safety or Security

  • High Business Costs

    Loss of Repeat Customers

    Low productivity


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